Thoughts on The New Gate light novel

IDK if I can wait for another update tbh. So because of that, I tried to read the crappy google translation (because idk how to read kanji and my hiragana is so pathetic I just.. yeah) From that, I gathered a few things:

WARNING: This could be a major spoilers, spoilers-haters you have been warned

1) My head hurts! What kind of crappy translation is that? yeah, serves me right for being impatient..

2) OMG they kiss!!

3) That reunion with another support character tho.. It brokes my heart TT_TT oh Shin, don’t cry..

4) *Gasp!* Schee you did what?

5) Tierra, good luck girl!

6) And so, the harem continued.. psst princess, you might want to line up at that line..